Our passion is unlocking growth… your sustainable growth.

We work with clients who want to harness the unequalled power of intimately understanding their customers and markets – company wide. If you’re ready to put in the work to make real change within your organization, The Mier Practice would love to talk to you.

Our Core

There is only one sustainable competitive advantage in business- a company culture. All else can be developed, copied, or bought.  Look at industry leaders like USAA, Amazon, and Netflix. It is their cultures that have allowed them to continually innovate in ways that drive passionate, rabid delight in their customers.

Deeply embedded in these firms’ cultures is the fundamental and pervasive belief that the customer must be front and center within the organization. And those organizations that successfully accomplish this consistently lead their markets.

While most organizations perform some degree of customer listening, it is rarely comprehensive or utilized properly for informing decisions. Becoming customer centric is not simply about a set of activities performed but, more importantly, it’s about the attitudes and mindset of the entire organization and starts squarely with senior leadership.

The Mier Practice seeks to partner with firms that want to start, accelerate, or refine their journey of customer centricity and unlock the sustainable growth that lies ahead.

What We Do

We are a selective, boutique consulting firm focused on assisting organizational leadership create and further its institutional understanding of its customer base.

By adjusting the orientation of a firm’s leadership, people, and processes, clients of The Mier Practice accelerate growth and unlock innovation at all levels and within all functions of the organization.