Assess Investment Opportunities

Evaluate customer-centric culture before you invest

The key element in the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s culture. And critical to that culture is the role of the customer: is the organization centered around them or are they an afterthought, a “cost of doing business?”

As you conduct your due diligence on potential investments, consider having The Mier Practice assess the organization’s people, process, and partners to determine its level of customer centricity, its proclivity to rapidly change, and where to focus concerted efforts.

The investor pitch says the firm is “customer focused” and has a “test and learn” environment. The posters on the company’s office walls scream “Customer First!” but is it really a key element of the firm’s ethos?  Or are these simply hollow visual artifacts? Knowing this could help save you millions or even make you tens of millions more.

Assess Investment Opportunities
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